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Justin Baram-Blackwell

NannySure’s Founder, Justin Baram-Blackwell, has 15 years of experience working with children, from running a childcare center for more than 300 children, to managing a national program that helps school-age programs achieve national accreditation. He has also worked as a lead camp counselor, before-school and after-school program instructor, and youth programs lead. Justin volunteered with Big Brothers Big Sisters and, more than 10 years later, still keeps in touch with his “little” brother.

Justin is the father of two and left his job when his oldest was 6 months old in order to become a stay-at-home dad. He is the creator of the Seattle Stay-at-Home Dads Facebook group, which facilitates activities and is a forum for communication for more than 80 local stay-at-home dads.

While on various outings with his kids, Justin noticed the need for parents to be informed about how their care provider was interacting with their children. He has seen phenomenal nannies, nannies doing an adequate job, and, sadly, a few who were more concerned about social media than the children they were supposed to be caring for.

Justin decided to apply his experience managing childcare programs and childcare staff to parents’ need to be informed about their children’s care. NannySure was born.


Here’s what people are
saying about Justin.

“Justin worked with me for several years. His work ethic, efficiency, enthusiasm and energy is difficult to match. He works hard and is tireless. Justin is a devoted husband and father of a young son and daughter. His concern for the well-being and welfare of his own family and children, as well as other families, is his top priority.”

Charles C.
Educational Services Specialist

“Justin was an extremely capable and reliable Facility Director [for a large childcare center]. His desire to perform at the highest level to achieve the goal of assisting families was displayed daily by his commitment to get the job done. Justin has proven himself to be extremely trustworthy and capable.”

Thomas H.
Youth Administrator

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