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5 Signs of a Bad Nanny

February 17, 2015

With stories in the news about nightmare nannies harming children, it’s important to learn the warning signs of a bad nanny. Parents may feel unsafe leaving their child at home with a caregiver they don’t know well, and sometimes even the most trusted nannies can harm kids. There are ways to determine if your nanny is misbehaving while you’re away. Here are 5 warning signs of a bad nanny, and what you can do to keep your children safe.

5 Signs of Bad Nannies

1. Your Child’s Behavior Changes

Is your child acting more upset, withdrawn or easily provoked than usual? He may be hiding a fear of your caregiver. Although it’s normal to be anxious when parents leave, children should trust their nanny. If your child seems unusually uncomfortable to be left alone with their nanny, you need to find out why. Caregivers and children need time to form a connection, but it’s important to choose a nanny who gets along with your child.

2. Your Nanny Is Secretive

Does your nanny seem secretive when you ask what happened while you were away? It’s important they understand your need to know about your child’s day. Bad nannies may dodge these questions. There should be nothing to hide about going to the park, watching a movie and taking care of your child.

3. Your Nanny Is Late

You need a caregiver who you can depend on daily. Bad nannies may show up late to your home and possibly late to pick your kids up from school or other activities. Your family’s schedule is important and a good nanny will value your time.

4. The Chores Aren’t Done

While nannies aren’t always required to do house work, most are expected to cook light meals and clean up after the children. It’s a sign of a bad nanny who slacks on responsibilities and doesn’t follow your wishes and directions.

5. Your Nanny Judges You

If your nanny becomes critical of the way your children are raised, fed or dressed, this could be one the signs of a bad nanny. A judgmental nanny likely has control issues, which could be a negative force in your family.

Trusting your intuition is the most important part of managing your nanny. If things seem wrong, consider investigating further. A messy house, a secretive caregiver or a shift in your child’s behavior are all signs of a bad nanny. Just as a bad caregiver can wreck havoc on your family, choosing a good nanny can bring you an unparalleled level of care and support. A great nanny can be a strong partner in your parenting.

Are you worried your caregiver is behaving badly when you aren’t around? Don’t catch them in the act with a hidden camera, contact NannySure today to help build trust and establish a positive relationship from the start.

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