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After Choosing a Nanny: 3 Ways to Continue Professionalism

January 06, 2015

While you’re away from home, you should be confident your children will be safe and happy with their caregiver. Hiring a nanny is like any professional job application process and should be conducted appropriately. Your professionalism as an employer should not stop once you are finished choosing a nanny.  Here are 3 ways to continue your professional relationship with your nanny after you’ve charged them with looking after your children.

3 Steps to Continue Professionalism after Choosing a Nanny

1. Act Like An Employer

After an offer letter is accepted, a system to pay your employee must be determined. Keep diligent records and make sure you are documenting taxes and hours properly. Just like an employer in any other business, you must also figure out how you are going to manage your nanny and provide feedback on their performance. Finding time and the experience to handle payroll and oversight is daunting and there are services in place to support you.

2. Trust, but Verify

While you shouldn’t hire a nanny you don’t trust, you should also verify their performance is meeting your standards. Clearly state your performance standards. Use an employment contract. Then you can verify that these standards are being met. Most parents who hire nannies are working hard outside the home and don’t have the time or resources to properly observe their nanny and give feedback.

3. Observe and Communicate

Many businesses have observational tools in place to ensure employees are doing what is expected, and to keep open lines of communication for praise or areas of improvement. Many companies even require employees sign an observation clause upon acceptance of the position. Parents should be observing their nanny just like any other employer. These observations help ensure you are receiving the top level work expected of your caregiver and provide you with the tools to review your nanny’s performance. 

Like any other professionals, nannies benefit from a having regular reviews. Sitting down with your nanny periodically and reviewing their work and impact shows your employee you are actively engaged and part of the team.  

NannySure is designed to help give parents the tools to properly manage, observe and provide feedback to their nanny in a professional manner.  NannySure creates positive, professional communication between all parties. For more information about NannySure and how it can keep your children safe, visit


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