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5 Fun Craft Ideas to Do With Kids

November 04, 2014

Taking time to create art and do fun crafts with your children is not only a good time, but it helps strengthen the bond between you and helps them develop their emotional and fine motor skills. Here are 5 fun crafts to do with your kids on a rainy day (or just about any other day!)

5 Fun Craft Ideas to Do With Kids

1. Paper Cup Terrarium

Watching a plant grow each day from seed is one of the magical experiences of being a child. Allow your kids to experience the growth of plants from their very own terrarium! Made out of simple household objects, this paper cup terrarium from Parents will help your child learn about the natural world.

2. Button Bracelets

Button craft ideas are fun because of the diversity of colors and shapes buttons have. Button bracelets are a fun craft to do with kids that can also double as a gift for Mother’s Day or Christmas. This craft idea, from Red Ted Art, is a fun project to create with daughters.


3. Pinecone Owl

A great natural idea from Family Crafts for kids ages 5 and up, this adorable pinecone owl gets your kids playing outside AND doing crafts! Take a trip outdoors and pick out your favorite pinecone, then come inside and dress it up like an owl!


4. Cotton Ball Cat

Your kids will love creating this fluffy cat made from cotton balls. This fun craft is easily made using common household items. Do you have a furry friend that you can model your cotton ball cat after? Be sure to post pictures!


5. Build Your Own Robot (Printable Set)

Picklebums Children’s Blog has a great set of robots that you can use to enjoy a day of make-believe with your children. This printable set of robots is today’s version of paper dolls. They allow your child to be unique and creative by building and rebuilding their own imagined robot. This is one of those fun crafts that will help your child piece together the world around them, improve their fine motor skills and allow their imagination to run wild.


These fun craft ideas will last you a few rainy days and give you a lifetime of memories. Encourage your kids to do arts and crafts by displaying their work for the whole family to see. Seasonally themed crafts are fun because they can be displayed year after year, too. Have fun and enjoy!


Photo Courtesy of: Sherri Osborn

Photo Courtesy of: Jay Wilde

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