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Do Not Purchase a Nanny Cam: Unless your nanny knows about the camera and how you are using it

April 14, 2015


Do Not Purchase a Nanny Cam:

Unless your nanny knows about the camera and how you are using it

There is nothing more precious than your own little bundle of joy. But once you’ve begun the journey of parenthood, you quickly find there may be more to it than you ever thought. While being a parent can be one of the most rewarding jobs anyone can have, there are many things to take into consideration. You now have decisions to make, from what pediatrician you like best to thinking about what school you want your children to go to. But all these decisions pale in comparison to keeping your child safe.

For anyone not lucky enough to have a loved one available to watch their child, nannies are a great option. They are usually young and full of energy – just what a child needs. When hiring a nanny, people usually go with their gut instinct and pick the one that seems to best fit into their family and lifestyle. Unfortunately, some people put on a face that really doesn’t match who they are, and parents can be deceived into hiring the wrong person.

Hidden Cameras: Do not protect. 

Some people think they can keep their child safe by using a hidden camera to capture what is going on while they’re away. While it’s true these images can be telling, the problem is they show what has already happened. If the nanny has spanked, mistreated, or done even worse to your child, you have no way of changing what’s already been done. Yes, you can fire the nanny but the abuse has already happened. Using a hidden camera doesn’t stop the abuse before it happens, it merely records it.

Hidden Cameras: Their effect on trust

There are also moral implications of using a hidden camera. You could you hire the greatest nanny in the world who takes incredible care of your children and starts to become a part of your family. But how will she feel if she were to discover a hidden camera? Would it make her feel uncomfortable? Would she feel betrayed? The bottom line is she will no longer trust you. Trust is a two way street, and when there is trust on both sides, everything runs smoother and everyone is more at ease.

Benifits of open disclosure:

A nanny cam can also greatly benefit the nanny. If there are ever any behavior issues, the nanny can request the parents look in. The nanny can also call and let the parents know if there is a milestone being reached while they’re away, such as baby taking her first steps. If the nanny has planned a special activity for the child she thinks the parents would enjoy watching, she can have the activity recorded so they can watch it later, or they can tune in real-time. While all these ideas can support the job of the nanny, there is really one benefit that outweighs all of them, and that’s proof of what kind of a nanny she is. Unfortunately, nannies have been accused of doing things they were innocent of. With a nanny cam, there is evidence of the nanny taking the proper precautions and following any guidelines the parents wanted.

Safety for Your Children and Security for Your Nanny

When you’re concerned about the safety of your children and having the best care possible, there really is only one perfect solution. During the hiring process, you need to let the nanny know that she will be under observation while working with your child. The camera at home should be in clear sight so she’s aware of it and doesn’t need to feel uncomfortable. Explaining the benefits a nanny cam can provide a caregiver can often get a nanny over any uncomfortable feelings of being recorded.

When people know their performance is being monitored, they tend to do their very best work, and this is no different with childcare. Even nannies with the best intentions can make mistakes or do something that’s not in line with how the parents would like it done. This can quickly be remedied when you can give exact examples through video.

Worrying is just one of those things that comes with being a parent. But when you’re away a nanny cam can be one of the best tools you have for staying connected with your child and their nanny. There’s nothing more comforting than knowing your child is in good hands, and that’s exactly the peace of mind a nanny cam can give you.


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