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Drop The Phone. Now Go Play Tag!

June 15, 2015

One Downside to Working as a Nanny While in School

Although working as a nanny and going to school can compliment each other well, going to school can pose some problems. In addition to working, there’s homework, trying to maintain a social life, and trying to strategically fit it all together. While it can be done, and be done successfully, it’s not unusual for it to cause a bit of stress on the nanny. At times, it can seem to the nanny that there’s no free time to just relax and unwind. When people get stressed and have packed schedules, winding down isn’t always an option. They can go from one thing to another with little time for themselves.


Most people who go into child care do so because they love children. There’s something magical about kids that can’t be found in adults. Some nannies choose to make a career of it, while others use it as a job they love while pursing a degree, often in childhood education or something in a similar field. Doing this works well for both the parents and the nanny, because a college schedule can be fit around watching a family’s children. The nanny also gets to do something she loves while making money.

When there’s little time to wind down, it can be easy to get distracted. One of the easiest and most common ways people are distracted today is with social media. You can stay in touch with family and friends at the touch of a button. Social media makes staying in the loop easy and quick. Whether it’s Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snap Chat, or any other type of account, nannies can know what’s going on in real time. The downside to social media is that nannies can often become so distracted with their cell phones they start to ignore the child they’re watching.

The Problem with Smart Phones

Although staying in touch on social media is quick and easy with any smart phone, it’s rarely as fast as it seems. Anyone can hop online and see what’s going on, but the reality is that many people hop online and get sucked into the endless posts, pictures, and information. What may seem like a quick five minutes can easily turn into an hour or more. While it may seem to a nanny that she’s just looking at the phone off and on, it’s easy to become distracted to the point she isn’t paying any attention to the children she’s supposed to be watching.   

When a Nanny Stops Paying Attention

Children were designed to go a mile a minute, that’s just how they are. Even a slight distraction to the nanny can mean a child can get into something they shouldn’t, run into danger, or get into a physical altercation with a sibling. When a nanny begins to get distracted, it’s almost as if a child has some type of internal sensor telling them this. They can instinctively know they aren’t being watched and that’s when the trouble begins. But what starts as trouble for a child can end up even worse for the nanny if something serious occurs.

The Purpose of a Nanny

No family ever hires a nanny thinking something will happen to their child. They assume the nanny will do what she’s paid to do, and even if she checks her phone she won’t be on it hours at a time. They entrust their most precious gifts to someone they feel will not only take care of their child, but someone who will help their child to grow and learn.

Satisfaction in Doing a Good Job

There is no better feeling a person can get than doing a good job. When a nanny takes care to watch and give their full attention to the child, they are better able to interact with them and share the accomplishments of the child with the parents. Even something as simple as playing tag can help the child to get exercise and have fun, and that’s just what childhood should be about: having fun and exploring the world.

So nannies, drop the phone and go play tag! Help the child to grow and have fun and you may just find you have as much fun as the child does. And after all, isn’t that the whole reason you got into this field?

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