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3 Tips to Avoid Nanny Burnout

March 03, 2015

Have you heard of nanny burnout? Parents have many decisions to make when choosing a nanny. After interviewing and hiring, it’s important to keep a professional relationship thriving to ensure a productive and healthy relationship between parents, children and caregivers. Nanny burnout can harm this growing connection. Here is an overview of nanny burnout and how to avoid it.

What is Nanny Burnout?

Nanny burnout occurs when a caregiver gets overwhelmed or too stressed to take care of their charges. They aren’t likely to become abusive nannies, but they may not give your child the attention they deserve. When a nanny begins to show signs of being overwhelmed or exhausted, this can begin to affect the happiness and stability of the children they care for. Here are 3 tips to help you avoid and catch nanny burnout before it becomes a problem.

3 Tips to Avoid Nanny Burnout

1. Encourage Fun

Try and keep things as stress-free as possible Encourage your nanny to have fun with the kids and go on frequent outings. Invite your nanny to stay for dinner. Integrating your caregiver into your family can form a cohesive working environment that will benefit all.

2. Avoid Overworking Your Nanny

When you hire your nanny, decide on a regular schedule that they can count on. It’s important for hours to be as consistent as possible to maintain a healthy work-life balance. Your nanny may love your children, but they aren’t their only responsibility!

3. Keep Communication Open

Establishing (and keeping) open lines of communication is essential for preventing nanny burnout. When you are your nanny are honest with each other, you will catch potential issues before they turn into big problems. Consider hosting frequent, formal check-ins or meetings where everyone can share concerns and goals.

A great nanny can be a strong partner in your parenting. If you think they are beginning to feel overwhelmed or burnt out, sit down and share your concerns. Choosing a good nanny and working as a team to ensure a positive and healthy relationship can bring you and your family an amazing amount of care and support. For more advice on how to build a strong relationship with your caregiver, contact NannySure today.

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