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After Choosing a Nanny: 3 Ways to Keep Communication Open

January 20, 2015

It’s important to continue professionalism after choosing a nanny, and communication is essential to a good working relationship. You should learn how to effectively communicate with your nanny about your parenting style, approaches to discipline and other general concerns. Here are 3 ways to keep communication with your nanny open and professionalism alive.

3 Ways Keep Professional Communication Open with Your Nanny

1. Conversation Goes Both Ways

Like all working relationships, the conversation between parents and their nanny shouldn’t be one-sided. Your nanny should also have tools available to them to ease communication with parents. NannySure provides an opportunity for nannies to reference sections of video and observational reports to highlight behavioral concerns or to ask for advice on handling specific situations. Using a secure video feed to facilitate these conversations gives all parties a level playing field without inserting blame or emotions.

2. Voice Concerns Early

If you think there is an issue, don’t let it go on any longer than it has to! Say something to your nanny as soon as you become concerned and don’t let the problem fester into an unhealthy working relationship. Nannies who don’t talk about their potential issues are vulnerable to nanny burnout.

3. Keep Talking

Communication isn’t something that happens just once. After you’ve had conversations with your nanny, continue to revisit these topics to get a sense of what all parties are thinking. Tackle problems as they arise to head off potential issues. You should also tell your nanny why you would like them to follow certain guidelines. It’s easier for your nanny to follow the rules if they understand why they’re in place.

NannySure generates non-opinionated, random activity reports of children with their nannies. These tools help keep professional conversation open for all parties. For help with choosing a nanny or finding tools to aid in communication, contact NannySure today.


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