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Choosing a Nanny: 3 Steps to Hiring a Professional

December 16, 2014

Choosing a Nanny: 3 Steps to Hiring a Professional


When deciding who should be your child’s caregiver while you’re away, how do you ensure your nanny is professional and trustworthy? Choosing a nanny is a difficult process that involves a lot of reference-checking and detailed interviews.

Professionalism is an important piece of any business relationship, but even more so with your child’s caregiver. Over 8 million children are watched by a nanny or sitter while their parents are at work, and parents should take care to make sure when they are choosing a nanny they are placing their trust in the right person.

Here are 3 steps to hiring a professional nanny.

Choosing a Nanny: 3 Steps Remember

1. Acknowledge the Professional Standards

The first step to ensuring your child is receiving the highest quality of care is by first and foremost acknowledging the relationship with your selected care provider as a professional one.  Many times a babysitter or nanny is a family friend, and it is tempting to have a more personal relationship with your caregiver. Instead, you should start the process as professionals, acting as an employer with high expectations who is seeking a top-level employee. 

Establishing a professional relationship benefits both the parent and the nanny. Dependability of your caregiver is an important asset, especially when parent’s jobs are on the line and they have appointments to get to. Having a dependable nanny will instill confidence and show that your caregiver is serious about the job of caring for your child(ren). Additionally, if your nanny shows you and your children respect it shows that they are worthy of the same professional treatment.

2. Get the Proper Documentation

As any professional establishment seeking candidates, you should create a job listing, look through profiles and resumes, and request referrals from previous employers when choosing a nanny.  Additionally, as you filter down the top selected applicants through the interview process, you should request and require several character-supporting documents. These include education credentials, certifications and a background check. 

3. Set Expectations in an Employment Contract

Although this process is cumbersome, it is not as time-intensive as researching and attending open houses for childcare centers and filling out applications. Most importantly, it sets the stage for a formal job offer. As many professional businesses and employers require employment contracts, families should also prepare this document which outlines the expectations and terms of the employment. 

One of the things that makes NannySure unique is that we provide observation services for the parents. It’s a good way to know your nanny is acting professionally when with your children. A written report is prepared for parents, and nannies who have been observed by us also receive an Observation Packet that details what our experts saw. The packet is a professional assessment that can be shared on future interviews. Of course, for safety, the children’s name and location are removed.

Choosing a nanny requires trusting someone enough to let them into your home and have access to your children. After your nanny has been employed for a while, you will likely begin to build trust with them and become closer. However, your professionalism as your nanny’s employer shouldn’t falter over time. Stay tuned for our next post where will discuss how to continue a professional relationship between you and your nanny.


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