Please note that prior to observations nannies must sign the NannySure Caregiver Consent form and supply NannySure with their email address so we can send nannies our reports as well.

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Transparency from the start

NannySure recommends informing prospective nannies during their interview that they will be observed while working inside and outside of the home.

NannySure follows the principle that people have the right to know that they are being observed. We also subscribe to the theory that people behave better when they know that they are being observed. Because of this we require that nannies sign our consent form before we will start our observations.

Real-Time Location

The GPS trackers we use are designed especially for kids and fit easily in a diaper bag.

We provide our clients with a GPS tracker designed specifically for kids. The tracker is typically kept in a diaper bag. While your child and nanny are out and about, NannySure uses an app to locate them. We then do an observation and give you a report.

Parents also have access to the GPS app to enable real-time tracking of your child and their location.

Secure Video Feed

Programmable cameras protect privacy while keeping you in touch.

Parents can either rent one of our Nest Cameras or purchase their own. These cameras are the most secure web cameras on the market. As well as secure they are easy to install, easy to program, and their quality is superb. The cameras come with a smartphone/tablet app, which you can access from anywhere you have an Internet connection. Unlike a hidden nanny cam, our cameras

NannySure randomly selects an hour of footage and provides you and your nanny with a report and, if appropriate, video clips from observations.

Mix and Match

Tailor a program to suit your family's needs.

Every family has different needs. Check out our plans and pricing to learn more and decide which services are right for your family.


Questions? We have answers.


Why do I need NannySure?

Why aren’t background checks enough?

Why aren’t reference checks enough?

Why weren’t NannySure’s services offered 5 or 10 years ago?

Why insist that nannies sign consent forms and then do random, unobtrusive observations?

How does NannySure support nannies?

Why doesn’t NannySure do nanny placement?


Q: Why do I need NannySure?

A: Safety. Parents are concerned about safety, regardless of where they place their children. And justifiably so. Reports of children being abused or neglected while in childcare are all too common. For information about safety in childcare settings, see this extensive 2012 article from Child Care Aware of America, “Why Aren’t We Outraged? Children Dying in Child Care Across America.”  For one of the few research studies done on the subject, see the 2005 American Sociological Review study, “Fatalities and the Organization of Child Care in the United States, 1985-2003.” 

Daycare centers are limited in their ability to address safety concerns, but federal and state regulations do exist. Some are in response to children being hurt, or worse, in daycare settings. Nannies, unlike daycare centers, are not subject to federal or state regulations beyond regular labor laws. This leaves families with little more than a list of recommendations on how to hire and manage a nanny. These recommendations include conducting an extensive interview, doing background checks, calling references, trusting your intuition, installing nanny cams, and showing up randomly to observe how a nanny is interacting with your child. All of these suggestions are important, but all of them can only go so far.

People behave better when they know they are being observed. And almost everyone is observed in one way or another while working. Those who work in a typical office, for example, are observed all day long, and their performance is constantly evaluated, whether informally or in an annual performance review. Nannies are no different, and that is where NannySure comes in. We will observe nannies as frequently as families would like. We do this both in public and in the home. Through regular, independent observations, NannySure helps families confirm their intuition that the care provider they’ve selected is the right fit for their child.

Q: Why aren’t background checks enough?

A: Background checks are designed to streamline candidates.  But background checks have limitations. One example is a lack of a centralized database collecting all criminal arrests and convictions. In addition, background checks show only what someone has been caught doing in the past. Background checks cannot show what someone has done in the past if they haven’t been caught. Nor can background checks show what someone will do in the future. For more information about the many things background checks can miss, see this recent NBC story about and Sittercity: Caregiver Sites Found Approving Sitters with Arrest Records.” 

Q: Why aren’t reference checks enough?

A: Reference checks, like background checks, can be a valuable tool in selecting a nanny, but they are limited. References are hand-picked by employees to give the best impression. References are also easy to fake. Unless you know the reference yourself, you cannot be 100% sure that the information being provided is accurate. And nanny agencies aren’t necessarily the solution, as celebrated restaurateur Wolfgang Puck found out the hard way. For more information, see this Los Angeles Times article, “Use care with nanny agencies.” 

Q: Why weren’t NannySure’s services offered 5 or 10 years ago?

A: NannySure’s services require the use of smart technology. Until recently, this technology was either unavailable or too expensive. In the past, the best a family could do was hire a private investigator or hide a nanny cam in their home. But this type of “spying” is NOT what NannySure is about. Instead, through the use of transparent assessments, NannySure strives to inform and respect both families and nannies.

Q: Why insist that nannies sign consent forms and then do random, unobtrusive observations?

A: It has been our experience that when employees know they are being randomly observed, their performance is more consistent than if they are aware of an observation as it is happening. 

NannySure’s goal is to enhance communication between families and nannies. That is why we require nannies’ consent and why we send them a copy of our observations. No employee should ever be surprised by what they were observed doing while they were working.

Q: How does NannySure support nannies?

A: A picture is worth a thousand words and our services build one. Nannies can request video excerpts if there are behavioral or other issues they want the family’s feedback on. For example, it is common for parents to tell nannies that their child “never acts like that.” By providing a third-party perspective, NannySure’s independent feedback can help the family and nanny work as one team.

If a child does get hurt while under a nanny’s care, video excerpts or an observation report can reassure the family that the nanny didn’t cause the injury.

Video excerpts also let nannies share milestones with families. And NannySure reports give families constant positive feedback that their children are thriving under the nanny’s care.

Finally, more positive feedback equals more families using nannies. Right now there are many parents who can afford the more personalized care that nannies offer, but for safety reasons, they enroll their children in childcare centers instead. NannySure helps parents feel safer entrusting their children to nannies. This translates into more jobs for nannies.

Q: Why doesn’t NannySure do nanny placement?

A: Due to the conflict of interest.  We want you to feel confident that each time you receive a positive report, it is not because we placed your nanny. 

This FAQ is being generated by your questions. What questions do you have about NannySure? Please let us know at

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