Please note that prior to observations nannies must sign the NannySure Caregiver Consent form and supply NannySure with their email address so we can send nannies our reports as well.

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Validate. Enhance. Support.

NannySure’s services are designed to validate that you are consistently providing high-quality care. NannySure generates reports from random observations. These observations are done in-person, by video streaming, or through recorded video. That is why nannies sign a consent form before the first observation even begins. 

How NannySure Reports Benefit Nannies

Our reports and videos are here to support and protect you.

Unlike a hidden nanny cam that erodes trust, NannySure’s collaborative services enhance communication between you and the family. Toward this goal NannySure will pull recorded video when requested by the family or by you. You can request video to share baby’s first steps or celebrate other milestones. You can also request video if a child is behaving poorly and not responding to the parents’ discipline model. NannySure will generate a video for the family to watch to support you when you discuss the child’s behavior with the family. 

Video requested by the care provider is provided free.

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“At first I was nervous, but my mind was quickly put to ease when it became clear that the intentions of NannySure’s monitoring were to streamline communication and to protect both me and the children. My favorite thing about NannySure is the trust that the visibility provides. I’m trusted so much more than any of the other families I have worked for. I like being appreciated for all of the special things I do for the kids. I don’t even notice the cameras and forget that the monitoring is happening. I like getting reports because being watched makes me do better and be better. Knowing my positive actions don’t go unnoticed makes it a valuable tool.”


-Mackenzie B., Nanny, Seattle Washington

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