Please note that prior to observations nannies must sign the NannySure Caregiver Consent form and supply NannySure with their email address so we can send nannies our reports as well.

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What comes after Tuesday?

NannySure helps parents create a trusting relationship with their child's care provider.

For many parents, one of the hardest decisions is choosing childcare for when they are at work. Parents may even start the search before their child is born because some daycares have waiting lists that span years.

Some parents choose a more personal care solution in the form of an in-home care provider, such as a nanny, au pair, or babysitter. Unlike center-based care, in-home care lacks direct supervision. Because of this lack of supervision, in the beginning there is a greater emphasis on the care provider’s background check and references. Then, after that, a whole lot of trust:

  • Trust that a clean background check will stay clean.
  • Trust that the care provider will do as good a job as their references say they did in the past.


Go beyond background checks.

Stay in touch with your child in real-time. Later, review a snapshot of their day.

NannySure was created to move beyond background checks and references.

NannySure gives you independent insight into how your children are being cared for today, next month, and next year. We do this by giving you a snapshot of your child’s day.

Whether at home or around town, NannySure staff will observe the natural interaction between your child and their caregiver and provide you with a report. Observations are unannounced and unobtrusive, but NannySure services are completely transparent. Caregivers sign a consent form agreeing to be observed from time to time, which in itself can be motivation to ensure consistently high-quality care. Your caregiver also reiceves a copy of our observation reports. Our goal is to provide parents with the information they need to managage and support their child's caregiver. 

Protect rather then record.

Hidden "nanny cams" record. they do not prevent.

Transparency to protect. NannySure’s services were designed resemble the management tools we use in large childcare centers. These tools help management stay connected in the various classrooms and promote safety. Hidden cameras neither protect nor promote communication they can only record. And when found by nannies they reduce moral and trust.   


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